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DetectaDrug, Perth, Western Australia was created to supply a growing demand for the truth about drug use in the family home, work place, property market and anywhere else the danger of drug contamination is found. One of our key goals is to provide basic yet effective means for parents to decipher whether their children, family members or loved ones are using drugs – particularly methamphetamine.

We conduct indicative “rapid” testing and analytical testing for methamphetamine contamination in Perth as well as sell kits to clients Australia wide, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, ACT, South Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania.

One of the most dangerous drugs of these times “methamphetamine” aka ice, gear, crack, whiz, etc is so dangerous that one hit can lead to addiction and a spiral effect that many spend years, if not a lifetime, trying to climb out of.

Property owners in Perth WA can rely on DetectaDrug for a discreet meth detection service and meth remediation in their properties.

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Do you suspect there has been “meth” use or even a lab operating on your home or rental property? If there is Methamphetamine on your property the next step going forward is to make your property safe to live in again.  You can have results within minutes using our DIY Meth Surface Test Kits. DetectaDrug are located in Perth WA and can supply your Meth Testing kits Australia wide.

DetectaDrug personnel are trained in Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation and Testing, having spent 18 years in the real estate industry, we have an extensive knowledge, giving you the confidence that discreet evaluation and swift remediation will be done professionally, using the latest techniques, products and equipment.

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We offer a professionally conducted drug screening service as well as a range of home-testing products to help provide you with the results you need.

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DetectaDrug was created to provide basic yet effective means for parents to decipher whether their children, family members or loved ones are using drugs. Please find a list of useful links below, our Resources page also contains a lot of useful information to help educate on the topic of drug abuse.

Voluntary Code of Practice - Methamphetamine Clandestine Notification & Risk Management Guidelines. Clandestine Drug Lab Remediation Guidelines. Meth Helpline. Lifeline. WA Association for Mental Health. Freshstart. Visit our Resources Page

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Please find links below for our latest blog posts and related articles from local and National news surrounding drug abuse, education, support and information. Click here to visit our blog posts and keep up-to-date with the latest news, reports and information involving drug abuse in Australia.

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