DetectaDrug Perth Will Empower You In The Fight Against Meth

To be Perth, Australia’s No. 1 provider of service, education and technology that gives:

  • Families the peace of mind that drugs are not affecting their loved ones
  • People the confidence that they are buying a property free of Meth Contamination in Perth
  • Tenants the certainty of a home free of meth / ice contamination
  • Small business the confidence to manage a drug free workplace
  • Easy to use surface kits for testing Methamphetamine / Ice
  • Easy to use multi-drug testing kits for saliva tests and urine tests

DetectaDrug  was created to supply a growing demand for the truth about drug use in the family home, work place, property market and anywhere else the danger of drug use and its fallout may lie. Based in Perth Western Australia we specialize in surface testing for methamphetamine/ice.

One of our key goals is to provide basic yet effective means for parents to decipher whether their children, family members or loved ones are using drugs – particularly methamphetamine.

One of the most dangerous drugs of these times “methamphetamine” aka ice, gear, crack, whiz, etc is so dangerous that one hit can lead to addiction and a spiral effect that many spend years, if not a lifetime, trying to climb out of.

You can easily be effected by the contamination of methamphetamine in your home or your rental property. Every surface you are in contact with could be making you or your children unwell.