The world of Meth use is confusing and confronting. We hope to clearly answer your questions about our services and products in our FAQ section below. Hovever if there is something more you need information on please contact us or for help with Meth use one of the professional organisations listed here.

What sort of testing do you do?

Instant testing called Indicative Testing where you get the results within five minutes.

Analytical Testing where we send the samples off to a laboratory and they supply a report stating the levels of contamination per sample. This can take five working days.

What do I do if the tests indicate that there is Methamphetamine residue in my house?

Call DetectaDrug and let us help you through the process.

Which test would I have done first?

If there is no obvious drug lab activity, start with an on the spot Indicative Test. If there is obvious signs of a drug lab, go straight to Analytical Testing.

What happens if my laboratory samples come back with higher than acceptable levels?

Before remediation can be done, a remediation report must be completed by a qualified consultant, DetectaDrug are qualified to offer this service.

What happens after I get my Remediation Report?

The report allows you to get quotations from qualified Meth Lab Cleaning Technicians. DetectaDrug are qualified Drug Lab Cleaning Technicians.

Does cleaning take long?

After the house has been aired out for two days, generally a minimum of two to fourteen working days, however depending upon the size of the property and level of contamination this could be longer.

Is having Methamphetamine residue in my house at any level dangerous?

There are different views on this. Acceptable guidelines have been set at 0.5 to 1.5 micrograms per 100cm2 after remediation. This is why you need to do an Analytical Test.

How much does testing cost?

See our pricing page. If you have special circumstances please feel free to contact us and discuss your needs.

Can I do testing myself?

Yes you can buy kits and we do sell kits, but our experience shows that it is best to get a professional in to do the job.

What about the cheap kits on the internet, are these any good?

There are many different tests that you can buy on the internet, DetectaDrug have researched hundreds of brands, and the tests kits we have chosen are proven to be accurate more than 99% of the time.

No one can guarantee 100% the accuracy of any kit.

Only laboratory analysis will determine the exact contamination of the area tested.

How do I order kits?

You can order through our website or email with your requirements for quotation.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We can accept PayPal and Direct Deposit.

Mastercard and Visa payments can be taken over the telephone.

Delivery of kits, how long does that take?

How long does it take Urine and Saliva kits to come by mail?

All kits are sent via Australia Post. General delivery, postage and handling is $10 (up to three kits).

For registered, bulk or express mail $20 (up to three kits).

Courier deliveries in the Perth metropolitan area are $35.

We are happy to quote on larger orders.


Please contact us, we are more than happy to discuss your concerns. Photographic evidence may be required.