Meth Lab on Wheels

Being shocked at seeing the photo of someone driving down the Mitchell Freeway with a Meth Pipe at her lips is one thing, but it brings into perspective something else, the contamination of Methamphetamine in the vehicles we are driving around.

How many of us buy second hand cars, cars from dealers, cars from private sellers. Do you think that these cars have been screened for Methamphetamine contamination? I am pretty sure they haven’t been. Have you bought or helped buy your teenager their first car. Are your kids getting in and out of the car, legs on the seats, arms on the back rests, touching the roof lining, getting contaminated.

Crystal Meth is usually smoked in a glass pipe, it is odourless and can be used without notice. The yellowish ice is oil based and burns slower, leaving a dark brown or black residue and whereas visible residue can be wiped away the actual contamination remains and this can be absorbed into your system through contact with seats, steering wheels, fabric, head rests, air conditioning etc.

Can you imagine, in a low value car, stripping it of seats, roof and door linings, stripping out the boot of all carpets etc, decontaminating the car with a special preparation, thoroughly washing it out, maybe even removing the air conditioning system and having it replaced, then replacing all the seats, linings and carpets and having the vehicle put back together, would it be worth it financially, probably not, is it covered by insurance, pretty sure it isn’t.

Maybe when buying your next car, for a small investment of $75, it would be worth buying some Methamphetamine Contamination Wipes and checking the car before you buy it.

DetectaDrug sell a five pack of surface contamination test kits that comes with instructions, gloves, templates and indicative wipes which will show positive if the Methamphetamine is over the cut off point set by Australian Guidelines (0.5µg/100cm²).