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Meth Test Perth – Home drug testing is becoming more popular in Australia. Everyone should expect the right to live in a home that is considered a healthy environment both for themselves and their families. If you are buying a property to live in, an investment property or renting a property you have the right to know if it could be harmful to your or your family’s health. Home drug testing can give you either a rapid yes/no answer as to whether there is methamphetamine contamination over the government guideline of 0.5ug/100cm2 or analytical results which give you the exact reading of that contamination.

To clean a property that is contaminated you are required to complete analytical testing to get the exact levels of contamination, this will be your starting point in getting your property back to health. Methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug which has grown in popularity over the years. There are houses that have not only been smoked in but cooked in as well, leaving a stew of harmful chemicals both on and absorbed into the walls, carpets and furnishings. These poisons can damage humans’ nervous systems, liver and lungs to name a few.

Professional Home Drug Testing

There are two types of testing you can have done:

  • Indicative / Rapid / Presumptive Testing
    It has many different names but what it means is that you have your results on the spot.
  • Analytical Testing
    This testing is completed with a kit that has been prepared by a NATA Accredited Laboratory, using a 10cm x 10cm swab and testing within a 10cm2 template using NIOSH 9111 techniques.

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Getting Your Home Tested

When having professional home drug testing make sure your testing is completed by someone who:

  • Has a good general knowledge of where to test for the contamination
  • Knows the different testing techniques
  • Can explain to you why they believe a particular technique should be used on your property
  • Is trained in testing for methamphetamine on surfaces
  • Supplies you with a report that clearly states the results as well as pictures of where the testing was completed
  • Asks for the history of your house and the reason behind your requesting the tests.

How DetectaDrug Perform A Home Drug Test

DetectaDrug completing the testing on your behalf.

  • Adorn correct PPE for situation.
  • Walk the property inside and out, take down notes of air flow etc, mud map house and have history of property.
  • All data is entered into a bespoke DetectaDrug tablet application.
  • For each test we take photos of rooms from different angles, note surfaces and textures etc, note reasoning behind testing positioning if required, complete swabbing as above.
  • Photos taken of completed test kit.
  • Repeat for each test done.
  • Finish by removing all rubbish, testing materials etc.
  • Complete report for client with suggestions on how to move forward and if it is considered further testing is required. Possible cleaning requirements etc.
  • Send to client in pdf format.

What We Can Detect

When completing indicative (rapid) testing, DetectaDrug’s kits are rated specifically to pick up the presence of Methamphetamine Contamination over the Australian Guideline of 0.5ug/100cm2. If we are completing rapid testing, you will only get a yes/no result that detects the presence of Methamphetamine. If we are completing analytical testing, you can specifically request readings on particular drugs that you are looking for. The laboratory we use automatically sends back readings on Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine if they are present.
Whether it be:

  • On the walls of your home, in the toilet, bathroom, bedroom or living areas
  • In your child’s school bag
  • In your teenagers’ sports bag
  • On the screen of an iPad or tablet or electronic device
  • In your car, garage or games room

There is a better chance of getting accurate readings of contamination if your testing is completed in the correct positions. This is different in every home.

Contact the Professionals

To order a home meth inspection, contact DetectaDrug Perth on 0429 992 580.

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We also have home meth testing kits suitable for home owners, investors, family members or real estate agents.

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How You Can Perform A Drug Test Yourself

Completing the testing yourself (general instructions):

  • Choose area to be swabbed.
  • Attach template to area.
  • Check expiration date on kit and buffer fluid.
  • Open buffer fluid.
  • Open swab stick and wet with buffer fluid.
  • Swab area within the template.
  • Swizzle stick in buffer fluid and squeeze out, repeat two further times.
  • Replace top on fluid container, shake and place aside.
  • Open cassette and remove from packet.
  • Take small dropper top from buffer fluid and place three drops in sample receptacle.
  • Test result will available within one minute.