Meth Testing Training Course

The DetectaDrug Training Course is more than “how do I test”. This course has a everything from the history of methamphetamine since the 1880’s through to how to present your results to your clients. Our course has been written by two of Western Australia’s leading meth testers and mapped back to the Australian Guideline and the WA Department of Health current guidelines by a Certified Trainer. Tess and Stephen teach this course not only from a business point of view but also from a position of the everyday person that has been affected by the fallout of Methamphetamine Drug Use and Methamphetamine Contamination in their personal lives.

Not everyone wants to do testing, there are those that are also wanting to have a comprehensive knowledge of Methamphetamine and its dangers in general as this could impact their work life or personal life. Annually we complete six FREE information sessions to schools, sports clubs or other concerned community groups. For your group to be considered please email us at to have your name added to the list. You will be contacted for availability.

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What Does Our Training Course Teach?

Surface Testing for Meth Contamination – Indicative and Analytical Testing

  • A Comprehensive Overview of Meth’s History and Dangers
  • Spotting a Lab or Users House.
  • Analytical and Indicative Testing.
  • NIOSH 9111 Sampling Techniques
  • Exposure Limits and WA Guidelines
  • PPE, OH & S and Insurances
  • Reporting Formats to Clients.

History and Dangers of Methamphetamine

  • A Comprehensive Overview of Meth’s History and Dangers
  • Spotting a Lab or Users House.
  • Explaining the difference between Indicative and Analytical Testing
  • Oral and Urine Testing
  • Exposure Limited, Australian Guidelines and WA Guidelines
  • Keeping Yourself Safe

Add an Auxiliary Service to Your Current Business

Do you have a business that is already dealing with homeowners and properties on a daily basis. Testing for Methamphetamine in properties will be required more and more into the future. It is already known that the West Australian Department of Health and Australian Government are looking at writing official “Standards” to replace the current “Guidelines”. When these are passed there will be 1000’s of West Australian homes requiring testing on a regular basis.

Be a step ahead of the rest, have your name out there and business known as a supplier of Testing for Methamphetamine. As a Real Estate Agent or Property Manager, be a step ahead of the game, know what it is about, be confident in the information you are presenting your clients.

We Offer Meth Testing Training Courses for Many Industries

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Property Managers
  • Building Inspectors
  • Security Companies
  • Project Managers
  • OH&S Representatives
  • Cleaning and Remediation Companies
  • Carpet Cleaners
  • Painters
  • Handyman and Renovation Services
  • Owner/Operator Small Business

These are some industries that come to mind, does your industry fit in to this category? If so contact us and learn more about this growth industry.

Why Your Customers Will Love This Service

There are many times that our clients have never considered that their house could be contaminated by methamphetamine residue, they have been calling in trades to complete work and one of our trainees who have done the course have asked them “have you considered that this house may be infected by meth contamination”.

A carpet cleaner who had been trained by us (but decided not to go ahead with testing at this stage) suggested one of her clients talk to us before spending any more money and doing further work on the home. Outcome: every room in the house was positive for methamphetamine contamination over 0.5ug/100cm2. She was renovating to move in with her two young children.

Contact the Professionals

Contact DetectaDrug now and discuss your training requirements. Whether it be a Surface Testing for Meth Contamination – Indicative and Analytical Testing (six hours) or History and Dangers of Methamphetamine (two hours), we will direct you to the course that best suits your needs.

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